Some of the projects in which I have worked as a project manager are the following:

Technical and Functional Update of the Geographic Information System Gas Natural de Lima y Callao S.A (Cálidda)

The biggest challenge of this project was that this company with + 400 employees did not stop serving the citizens of Lima, a city with more than 9 million inhabitants, during the process of putting the new corporate GIS into production.

The main activities of this project were:

  • Updating of the data model and transfer of information.
  • Design and implementation of a new hardware and software architecture.
  • Adaptation of existing functionalities to the new version.
  • Collection and definition of new requirements.
  • Development and implementation of new requirements.
  • Start-up.

Support activities were conducted for users of the Cálidda GIS for two years to ensure the correct use and maximum use of the available tools.

Subsequently, new developments were also implemented as new needs arose, such as the development of a new WEB viewer for the emergency module, in which new web services were implemented, new interfaces were generated, and new validation rules were configured.

Technical Support and Maintenance Service of the Geographic Information System of the National Port Authority of Peru

After having implemented a geoportal for the National Port Authority of Peru, contracts were renewed to ensure the support and provision of services necessary to keep the information up to date.

Support was offered both to the technicians responsible for the GIS and to the APN systems technicians so that they could conduct the necessary operations for the maintenance of the GIS platform and the updating of its data without leaving the service available.

Implementation of a Geographic Information System for the Compañía Energética de Occidente (CEO) in Colombia

The challenge of this project was the implementation time, the Colombian Energy and Gas Commission (CREG) issued Resolution No. 030, which required electricity companies to have information available on the geographical areas they supplied service to, and which also citizens could apply for registration.


The standard was studied in detail, and in a time of two months between the taking of requirements and the implementation, the web viewer was available in production with all the functionalities and workflows necessary to follow the new resolution and with the requirements. of CEO workers.

Consulting and Assistance Service Specialized in Geographic Information Systems for Compañía Operadora de Gas del Amazonas S.A.C. (COGA)

COGA is a company that oversees transporting gas from the Amazon to Lima. Having all the information centralized and updated is of the utmost importance for them because this way they ensure an optimization in the management of their resources and a quick response to the possible emergencies.


COGA had a geographic Information System, but they wanted to continue advancing technologically by migrating to a data model that was standardized within their business model at an international level and that would allow them to grow and cover many more areas of the company. A detailed study was carried out, the hardware and software architecture was resized and updated, a new data model was implemented in which all the data that COGA had collected to date was migrated, the modules that were already available were migrated to the new GIS and new desktop, web and mobile applications were developed as new needs were demanded.


In addition to these activities, a support service was also coordinated to resolve the doubts that the GIS department was raising.


Development of a Geographic Information System for Gases del Pacífico (GDP)

A GIS solution that was adapted to the company’s business model was designed from scratch, it was taken into consideration that it could also be adapted to all the group companies that work in collaboration in Colombia, the same GIS was implemented in GASNORP later.

Meetings were held with various departments to ensure that the final solution met the expectations and needs of each of them.

With all this information and with the premise that the GIS information had to be synchronized with the information that the group companies edited with Open Smart Flex to register reading routes, for example, a robust and efficient data model was designed, and on it the functionalities requested by each work area and the necessary webservices to be able to synchronize the information between the different databases and so that external contractors could also update the information in the corporate GIS without this entailing extra work for the employees of GDP, the only thing they had to do from GDP was review and validate that the information entered by the contractors was correct so that it became part of the corporate GIS, or deny it if an error was detected so that the contractors could correct it.

After the implementation of the GIS, online support activities were coordinated and new functionalities were developed on demand.

Monitoring and Coordination of EUSC project (European Union Satellite Centre)

Due to the size of the client, it was necessary to have the coordination of all the queries made and follow-up of the improvement proposals to be able to conduct

the study of the situation of licenses and equipment in operation to propose an update of versions and licenses according to the needs. real, also to make presentations and personalized continuing education sessions.


Monitoring and Coordination of CESAEROB project (Center for Aerospace Observing Systems)

Coordination and monitoring of technical support requests, study of the situation of licenses and equipment in operation for the correct update proposal. Supply training on the new features available in the application, support the sales department by demonstrating new work modules available and detection of new business opportunities.

Design and Execution of a Digital Platform based on a GIS for services to the commerce of San Sebastián de los Reyes

The idea was to incorporate in the same database information referring to different departments such as the census of inhabitants, finance, cadaster, urban planning, environment, public roads and the department of companies of the City Council of San Sebastián de los Reyes.

The goal was to be able to keep a database with the companies in the municipality to advise those interested in opening a new business in the municipality.

Citizen Information points were always installed with information on existing businesses in the municipality, and an application for PDAs was generated that allowed them to update the information at street level to synchronize it with the existing data in the GIS.

In this project, special attention had to be paid to the coordination of different departments, to the data protection law, and to specifically documenting the functional requirements of the application so that the interlocutors and users who did not have technical knowledge could see their needs satisfied. without generating false expectations.

Provision of a Geographic Information System for the use of Electronic Administration and for internal use in the City Council of Torrevieja

The goal of this project was to cut the use of paper in the Department of Public Highways of the City Council of Torrevieja. For this the typology of incidents of the public highway and the company that oversaw managing the resolution of each of them were studied, once the citizen entered the incidence, the company in charge of its resolution received the notification and included information about the resolution.

This system reduced the response time of the associated companies and managed to have all the information computerized.

Implementation of a Territorial Information System for Urban Management in the City Council of Torrejón de Ardóz

Unification and digitization of urban cartography and the General Plan and Subsidiary Regulations associated with it to enable rapid consultation and updating of data by internal staff in the city council and to be able to give urban information to citizens through a Geoportal.

Implementation of a corporate GIS for the City Council of San Sebastián de los Reyes

Create, using a distributed platform and WEB technology, the possibility that each department can quickly and easily consult the information related to its field of work without the need to be a GIS specialist, the module of each department has associated themes, studies and predetermined graphics that allow the exploitation of the data with ease and the export of the information in different exchange formats compatible with free software.

Implementation of a Geographic Information System (SIG) linked to the maintenance, consultation and management of Urban Planning and the Publication of the Municipal Street Map in the Alcudia City Council

Generation of an urban mapping maintenance system that would allow the incorporation of the many protection layers of systems that the municipality has due to its environmental enclave, in addition to all the planning figures, with the possibility of viewing and keeping the cadastral mapping if necessary.

In addition, a web portal for internal consultation of all the planning and the generation of a Geoportal with the data of the municipal street map, points of interest and urban planning information of the municipality was customized.


Implementation of a Geoportal for the Dissemination of Urban Information in the City Council of Torrelodones

Generation of an urban GIS with editing, administration and exploitation environments, both internal, for the City Council staff, and external, with the citizen in mind. In this project, it was essential that the printing module allow the symbolization of the cartography depending on the scale with which it was desired to print.

Construction of the MapaCiud@d for CC Baix Penedès

Design and implementation of citizen information geoportals that have a street map and citizen information points with an aspect completely integrated into the corporate website.

Update of the cadastre in the Baza City Council

Loading of cadastral cartography, study and updating of the cadastral cartography of the municipality for the exchange of information with the cadastral management and establishment and training of the applications and knowledge necessary to make it possible to maintain the cadastral agreement autonomously.

Environmental GIS of the Almonte City Council

Generation of a GIS that allows maintaining and exploiting environmental information using the cadastral and urban mapping of the municipality as a reference.

Implementation of a GIS in the City Council of Salobreña

Implementation of a corporate GIS that would allow updating base cartography and maintaining information related to the Department of the Environment using mobile devices from street.

Update of the Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council Street Map

Updating of the police numbers in the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón, complying with the reference regulations for cadastral management in order to use cadastral mapping as a basis for the generation of a web street map that can be consulted from the city council’s own corporate website.

Implementation of a corporate GIS in the City Council of Mollerussa

Implementation of a GIS with desktop technology that would allow the exploitation of information by specialized GIS technicians.

Territorial System for Urban Planning and Management of Public Roads Municipality of Brunete

Implementation of a GIS with cadastral and urban information that would allow the elements related to public roads to be maintained and personalized in a simple way by the city council staff.

Migration of the corporate GIS for the City Council of Castellón de la Plana

Migration of data servers and web servers of the GIS of the City Council, assistance was offered throughout the process so as not to stop providing service to the citizen during the update processes and guarantee the success of the migration.

Implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) linked to the maintenance, consultation and management of Urban Planning and the Publication of the Municipal Street Map in the Elda City Council

Collection, unification and digitization of urban planning to use it as a base cartography in a corporate GIS for the city council that allows maintaining the cartography and the municipal street map and connecting this information with the citizen information geoportals.