About me

I believe in the authenticity and tailor approached for person, project and company, as the key ingredient to reach our goals

I have been lucky enough to work in companies with great leaders from whom I learned so much from different angles that I was able to incorporate as part of my skills.

My background is in mid & large Caps where we must keep adapting to a changing environment through proven methodologies.

I do work as a freelance, as it fits better with my background and professional approach through tailored project solutions.

After a few years in which the idea was around my head, and after ten years of professional experience as an employee managing different types of projects, the time had come to get out of my comfort zone again to keep growing.

I am a learner that enjoys above all, learning new techniques and working tools in different disciplines.

My most relevant academic titles are:

For further detailed information is needed, you can consult my LinkedIn profile at the following link:

Professional experience

I have more +10 years of experience as a project manager working both at Country and international level with multidisciplinary teams with public and state-owned companies. 

I offer tailored services to companies that want to implement an ICT Project but do not have neither the staff nor the time, or the necessary specialization to manage such an implementation.

The companies I have worked for are:

ABS INFORMÁTICA (Technology for Public Administrations)

I worked as Project Manager at the national level, I oversaw managing the resources and implementation schedules of the projects, which includes customer as the City Council of San Sebastián de los Reyes and Pozuelo de Alarcón, both in Madrid.

Other activities that I also conducted were related to supplying technical support to the sales department, product documentation, generating and controlling the quality of GIS data, and requirements analysis activities for the customization and implementation of GIS tools (cadaster, urban planning, public roads, building inspection, etc).

TECNOGEO TIG solutions for companies and administrations

I participated in pre-sale activities, generating technical documentation, performing technical support tasks and conducting training regarding ERDAS desktop software, complementing conceptual training on Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. I managed the implementation of projects in clients such as the EUSC and CESAEROB.

EPTISA TI Innovative solutions for companies and administrations

I worked as Project Manager at the Peru’s branch of Eptisa based in Lima.

I did also manage to lead the team in our branch in Peru to become the hub for our growth across LatAm.

I was leading projects for some of the largest companies in the Region, such as Cálidda, COGA or Peru’s National Port authority, among others.

For further info you can get it through my LinkedIn profile at the following link:

Personal history

I am a person who needs to learn from my own experience, which requires challenging my comfort area.

It is out of my comfort area where I did secure the biggest learning and experiences.

I left my parents’ house when I was seventeen to initiate my studies in the career that I had chosen vocationally, as I had decided early that I wanted to become a Topographer, as I liked all types of engineering, as much as I did mountains related activities.  

Just before finishing my degree, I started working as an intern and specialized in Geographic Information Systems. At the end of my career as a topographer I never worked, I rose very quickly and soon I began managing projects.

I took advantage when the crisis hit hard Spain in 2009, as most of the projects were either deferred or stopped indefinitely, to learn English by getting enrolled first into an academy, and then moving for an entire year into Australia. I also enjoyed visiting New Zealand which is a paradise for anyone like me that loves mountains. After taking care of a family issue, I did also visit a large majority of the Asian Southeast Countries.

I did finish my trip in India, where I was able to work in a multicultural environment in a meditation center, investing in my personal growth. I had already discovered meditation years ago and wanted to grant myself the privilege of experiencing the meditation techniques that I had learned in the place where everything kicked off. Ya – hoo!

I was offered an ex patriate job in Peru, and since the offer was both interesting and directly connected to my background, I packed my bags again to start a new journey.

The COVID breakout was especially tough in Peru, and I returned to Spain to start a new chapter once my professional and personal background was strong enough to do so.


I retained to be a lucky person that also owes her happiness to all the people I had interacted with and would like to highlight some of that people that made such a large positive impact on my new professional chapter.

I sincerely do apologize for any person that I might have missed:

As leaders

Francisco García Lázaro, Josep Gili, Mª Ángeles Orche, Francisco Díaz, David Pascual, Raúl Cuadrado, Paloma Silván, César Alonso, Jose Miguel Sarrate, etc.

As peers

Maribel García, Jerónimo Calderón, Alberto Asensio, David Silván, Yolanda Sanz, Hermán Escartín, Manel Marco, Clara Guixá, Gabriel Ramos, Matías Rama, Ester López, Jesús Villalobos, Javier Pablos, Enrique Martínez, Pablo Santos, Sergio Ordás, Sergio Salmerón, Vanessa Ayress, etc.

As everything

Last but not least, to my parents in first place, my family and soul friends, and to life itself for taking care of me, and finally, to myself for having the courage to listen to my heart and letting it to lead my life in order to live fully.